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Bye bye Brazil.The Dutch have done it!! Brazil is OUT!!

1:40 AM

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Brazil’s Robinho scored his team’s first goal early in the first half agains

Brazil’s Robinho scored his team’s first goal early in the first half against the Netherlands on Friday.

Brazil’s Felipe Melo headed an own goal that tied the match against the Netherlands at 1-1.

Wesley Sneijder of the Netherlands celebrated after scoring his team’s second goal. The Netherlands went on to a 2-1 victory over Brazil.

Bye bye Brazil !!

Great singapore flood at Orchard road

8:32 PM

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Some photos from the great singapore flood at Orchard road

It's an apple

6:12 AM

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This explanation works for you ?

7:58 AM

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With time, women gain weight because we accumulate so much information and
wisdom in our heads that when there is no more room, it distributes out
to the rest of our bodies. So we aren't heavy, we are enormously cultured, educated and happy.

Beginning today, when I look at my butt in the mirror I will think,
Good grief, look how smart I am!

Must be where 'Smart Ass' came from!



Extortion bid by PRC girl

12:09 AM

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My friend is a retired businessman in his early 60 and what he encountered last Saturday in a high end dining/shopping area could also happen to anyone of us.

My friend accompanies his wife to a bank in Holland Village to do some banking transaction. While his wife was being served by the personal banking executive, he decided to go and do some window-shopping around the area. While admiring the display, suddenly, out of nowhere, a young about 20+ girl pushes him aside and shouted at him, accusing my friend of molesting her. She then asked my friend to compensate her for her "ordeal" - lost of face.

My friend being a gentleman was stunned and lost of word for a moment because he really never does any thing to her. He just stood there and doesn’t know what to do. His mind went blank.

Luckily, a Caucasian man nearby saw all that and tells the PRC girl to stop her nuisance (unsure whether she understand English) and take out his mobile and say he wanted to call the police. The PRC girl quickly walked away joining the other shoppers.

Should any man become one of the victims, please stay calm. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT start arguing or reasoning with her. If you try to reason with her, then you had fallen into her trap. In general, people will most likely sympathise and believe a female as a victim. You will end up paying her demand.

Just take out your mobile or ask someone (if you had no mobile) to call the police, let the law enforcement authority deal with her. For sure, all this PRC girls dare not face the justice of the law because most of them are over-stayers.

Better still, if you witness such incident, be sure to stand up and fight for the justice of such poor men. Ladies who come forward will carry even more weight. TOGETHER WE CAN RID OUR SOCIETY OF THESE SCOURGES.


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