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Jesus is Knocking at your door!

10:54 PM

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When Jesus knocks at your door, His is knocking at your Hearts door. Will you please open your heart and let Him in? If he came to offer you something much better, a life with Him, will you leave ALL of your material Possessions behind and not have to think twice about any of them? Are you willing to give Him your soul in exchance for His Love and His Truth? Will you Love and treat others as you would if He were standing right in front of you...because it could actually be Him in human form. He doesn't try to trick people, only Satan would do that! God loves you and wants to know see how you treat others in your heart. He wants us ALL to come together as His family and Love Him , as well as one another...not just for a moment or a day, but for ALL of our lifetime on this earth. He wants to see people helping people and not turning anyone away, no matter what the reason!!! He wouldn't you!!!! Don't just think about it, KNOW IT IN YOUR HEART!!!!!!!!!


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